Attraction and animosity sizzle between Washington DC socialite, Shelby and Jesse, a retired Navy Seal turned bodyguard. Get lost in this twisting suspense, as Shelby is desperate to hide from the district and the spotlight and Jesse is desperate to protect Shelby from her enemies’ and their deadly agendas.

Shelby Ashton is Washington DC’s most powerful socialite. Rich and beautiful, her high-profile exposure comes with risks, but Shelby dismissed the danger signs as if they were knock-off sunglasses. Her father, the Secretary of State, did not and when he received an anonymous death threat directed towards Shelby, he hired Jesse McAdams, a retired Navy Seal as her bodyguard. Shelby and Jesse have an attraction that sizzles when they meet. But Shelby would never be with the “hired help” and Jesse thinks Shelby is a spoiled brat. The only reason he continued to babysit this DC princess was because of a debt he owed her father.

When tragedy strikes, Shelby is desperate to get out of the district and the spotlight. Even more exposed, Jesse believes Shelby is now more vulnerable than ever. With a new identity, Shelby finds purpose on San Diego’s shoreline as a lifeguard. Haunted by her grief, Shelby’s only consolation is saving others from her same fate. Unbeknownst to Shelby, Jesse discovered the accident was actually murder. With reporters and old friends still on the hunt for the missing socialite, Jesse is in a race against time to uncover her enemies’ and their deadly agendas.

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