The second book of the “Adam Garwood Detective Series,” Adam is once again trying to find that perfect case. Nothing could have prepared him for his first encounter with Gritty.

Garwood would soon be captivated by this homeless man living on the streets of Montreal. What power did he have and why did Adam take him on with no retainer or promise of future payment?

Much against the advice of his partner and friends, he delves into and uncovers the corruption, cover ups and payoffs involving top executives working for one of Canada’s largest pharmaceutical companies. As the story unfolds, Adam is disillusioned with Gritty when his true identity is revealed. Murder, exploitation and the stealthy night life of the rich and famous come to play as Adam watches them navigate Montreal’s secret passageways searching for lust and medicating themselves in order to deal with the light of day. Was it all worth it? Would Richard, his partner forgive him? But most of all, would Gritty find justice or perhaps would justice find Gritty?

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